Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested or have any reason to believe that law enforcement has targeted you as a suspect, you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. The attorneys at Craig & Gatzoulis were long-time state prosecutors specializing in the prosecution of major crimes. We now bring all of our expertise, contacts, and knowledge to keep you out of jail, out of court, and out of the news. While every case is different and past performance is no guarantee of future success, the attorneys at Craig & Gatzoulis will work hard to obtain a favorable result for you.

Sex Crimes

Unlike most other crimes, sex crimes carry a stigma in society that can follow a person forever and a conviction usually results in a lengthy prison sentence. The attorneys at Craig & Gatzoulis have obtained nol pros entries, dismissals, and not guilty verdicts in many different types of sex crime cases, including:

• Aggravated felonious sexual assault
• Child pornography
• Computer solicitation
• Prostitution
• Child endangerment

In sex crime cases, you need to protect your reputation as well as your rights. An aggressive defense may involve:

• DNA testing
• Interviewing witnesses and associates of the accuser
• Investigating the accuser’s past
• Obtaining records concerning the accuser

Motor Vehicle Offenses

Motor vehicle offenses can result in jail time, license suspensions, large fines, and increased insurance premiums for a range of infractions, including:

• Habitual offender certification and decertification
• Reckless driving
• Underage alcohol transportation
• Speeding tickets

In addition to providing legal representation, the attorneys at Craig & Gatzoulis have an extensive knowledge in DMV issues and can help you avoid license loss, even for medical reasons, as a result of a DMV hearing.


If you are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs you could suffer severe consequences that include:

• Driver’s license suspension
• Harsh fines
• High insurance premiums
• Possible jail sentence

As former prosecutors and current defense attorneys, the attorneys at Craig & Gatzoulis have the experienced DUI and DWI defense attorneys and to successfully defend your DWI/DUI charge.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges can not only greatly impact your life, but the lives of your family members. Domestic Violence offenses include:

• Simple assault
• Criminal threatening
• Criminal mischief
• Harassment
• Violation of restraining orders
• Stalking

As former prosecutors, the attorneys at Craig & Gatzoulis have the knowledge to increase your chances of getting domestic violence charges dismissed or for a finding of not guilty.

Homicide and Major Crimes

Major crimes include first degree and second degree assault, while homicide includes capital murder, first and second degree murder, manslaughter, and negligent homicide. All of these are serious offense and can result in significant prison time. The attorneys at Craig & Gatzoulis now bring our expertise, contacts, and knowledge as state prosecutors to keep you out of jail.

Juvenile Law

Juvenile cases differ from adult criminal cases in many ways and require special attention and care. The attorneys at Craig & Gatzoulis possess the experience you and your child need to achieve the best possible outcome when dealing with the New Hampshire Juvenile System.

White Collar Crimes

Simply being charged with embezzlement, forgery, fraud, or extortion can have serious consequences on your professional and personal life. Our attorneys provide aggressive representation for any charges arising with the State of New Hampshire.

Computer and Pornography Crime

The attorneys at Craig & Gatzoulis can help you fight serious charges such as using computer services to lure a child or a person believed to be a child to engage in indecent exposure, perform sexual acts, or otherwise endanger the welfare of the child.

Drug Charges

Drug offenses in the State of New Hampshire carry harsh penalties that include incarceration, large fines, and even loss of a driver’s license. If you are charged with large-scale trafficking or simple possession of a controlled substance, the attorneys at Craig & Gatzoulis draw on their experience as prosecutors to help you fight the charges, and, if necessary, secure an effective drug treatment or diversion program.

Criminal Sentence Reduction, Modification, and Annulment

In the State of New Hampshire, there are many circumstances where your current criminal sentence can be reduced, modified, or annulled. The experienced attorneys at Craig & Gatzoulis possess the knowledge and expertise to determine what is right for you and create an effective plan of action.

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